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Facebook pages got broken

Pavel Lupu
3 min readMar 3, 2017

I have this page Diacriticele, which I made about two years ago to promote writing with diacritics. This page has about 5 posts total, the last one was made in may 2016. It had a boosted post of $2 on it's initial launch that generated a couple of likes.

Now the stats are booming! As I write this article this page is getting tens of likes every second.

these screenshots were made today at 6:05 pm

and this is the screenshot taken now (6:45 pm):

Insights of total page likes

Facebook is clearly having a problem and I doubt this page is the only one going crazy.

+874 likes this week? How is this possible? look at this

screenshot made at 6:50 pm

I believe there is a strange bug multiplying every like by some weird coefficient. The data behind the likes is highly doubtable. I went on facebook help center to find out "How do I see data about the people who like my Page?"

It says to look at "Where Your Page Likes Happened" section. Well. You can see that it had one like on a range of a month.

I have also looked at the "People" section which has a clear view on where are the people liking your page from. The numbers add quite realistically to the true number of likes.

Yet the net likes section shows these odd numbers

This is madness!

screenshot made at 7:03 pm

I am quite confused. I don't know what to think. Are the guys at facebook aware of this?

Edit 1:

screenshot made at 7:36 pm

at this point we can see an increase of about 300 likes per hour, not bad facebook

Edit 2

It’s been 3 days now since the boom started and the page got quite the numbers.

I figured it out

Facebook didn’t broke, it just does not work that way. I mean the reporting part of it, the insights. The numbers were growing really fast and the insights tab is not instantaneous — that’s what made me think facebook got broken.

The truth is that the likes were organic. Most probably, people liking the page didn’t even visit the page, they just saw that some friend of them liked it, they trust this friend, they found the cover somehow funny (given that Putin is there), and some of them really like the concept of writing with diacritics. I asked some of my friends why did they like the page and they said that some friend of them liked it, they trust this friend so they liked it too. So my guess was right.



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