The journey of buying plane tickets to Hamburg from Bucharest — An UX Case Study

Recently my parents were invited to visit my uncle in Hamburg. Since my parents are not so tech savvy, they asked me to find and book a flight to Hamburg for them.

Step 1 — Research, find, book

The shortest path is the one you know

Screenshot from with flight details

Step 2 — Online Check-in

Screenshot with booking
Screenshot with tarom’s “user-friendly” web page

I scanned the page for a quick "check-in button", read some confusing texts about how, where, when to check in, scroll down, scroll up. I see a banner with a button "CHECK-IN ONLINE" → Click that

Land on Check-in form

Screenshot with first step of the check-in process

After I selected the kind of ticket I have (E-ticket)- I land on this step

Screenshot with the step after you

Go to gmail

My quick thoughts
Screenshot of the PDF preview
Error. Could not respond to request. Consult an airport customer service agent for assistance
No goes back?
Call Center by Delwar Hossain from the Noun Project
The e-ticket number really was 13-digits long, but I got an error using that.

In conclusion

Current check-in page with confusing CTA
Beter main CTA visibility

Please notice in which case you can find the check-in info for flights operated by KLM

It has clear and concise design



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