You don't need what you think you need

I will tell you a story about how my brother wanted to learn to play the guitar. So we are in the year 2008. My brother was 17 years, he saw a friend playing the guitar so he decided he wants to learn to play it too. The first thing he did, he took one of his friends and went on a beginner guitar course. They thought them some basic knowledge of guitar play on the first day and that was about all. As soon as he came home he told our father he needs a guitar in order to learn. So the second day my brother and dad went to a guitar store to buy one. They bought one of the best acoustic guitar the store had. In the next few weeks he was attending that course but I don’t remember seeing him play any song. He quit. Didn’t had time for that or something like that was his excuse. The guitar was gathering dust in the corner of the room for a long time, until recently he told he bought some new strings for it and he will start learning to play it again. He changed the strings but the guitar is still gathering dust. So he actually thought he wanted to play the guitar and he thought he needed one to ease his learning. It is of course impossible to play the guitar without having one, but the fact that you own one does not make you a guitar expert.

The reason I told you this story is that you don't need something for kickstarting the activity you want to do, you just need to start it with what you have.



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